From wharf to warehouse, docks to dealers or factory to franchise, our seamless nationwide vehicle transportation network ensures your vehicles arrive where expected, when expected and as expected - it's our guarantee.

Our highly trained transportation specialists manage your delivery process from end-to-end, creating customised solutions based on your specific needs.

From wharf and vehicle surveys to freight management and more, our additional services include:

  • Accessory and aftermarket product fitment
  • DataDot DNA security identification application
  • Management of paint and panel repair
  • Detailing services
  • Preservation programs
  • Press and motor show vehicle preparation
  • Vehicle de-wax and refuelling
  • Vehicle storage
  • Vehicle registration

You can rest assured knowing your vehicles are in the best of hands with our AutoNexus Order to delivery (AOTD) system keeping you up to date and informed on the location and status of your vehicles at any time.