As Australia’s only premium full-service automotive logistics providers, AutoNexus will manage all your vehicle movement, storage, parts and fitment needs.

And because we are a part of a globally successful automotive distribution and retail business, we understand the pressures and complexities of automotive wholesale, retail and logistics.

That’s why, everything we do is designed around our customer experience - we have developed our business to be the more flexible, adaptable, and provide faster to market solutions.

We do that by working with clients committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. This equates to more manageable volumes which in turn allow us to better plan and deliver.

We don’t just move vehicles, we provide solutions, advice and support.

As an automotive logistics specialist, our focus is on improving your supply chain performance, services and profitability.

What makes us different?

Our name says it all – we are AutoNexus. We are the key link for all our customers’ logistics needs.

Everything we do is for our customers – which is why we are Australia’s only full-service provider.

We know every customer is different, but their quality service experience is the same.

For us, our last move is as important as our first. A perfect delivery to an end customer, means our customers are getting what they want.

And by calling on our global backing and experience, we provide an unmatched level of expertise, detail and understanding, across our customer’s entire business.

Better planning, clear communication, smarter solutions and total customer focus means that price is no longer the key decision maker. What drives our success and long-term loyalty is the profitability and capability our service delivers to your business.